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ACPS Workers' Compensation Process - ( Effective February 1, 2017 )

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Workers’ Compensation

Effective February 1, 2017, Amelia County Public Schools transitioned to a new Workers’ Compensation process. The name of the new process is Company Nurse through VACORP.

Employees must contact our new nurse triage call center, the Company Nurse Injury Hotline.

When a workplace injury occurs:

  • If life-threatening or limb-threatening injury, call 911.
  • Immediately notify your supervisor or designated Workers’ Compensation Contact at your work site.
  • Regardless of the need for medical treatment, you, your immediate supervisor, or the Workers’ Compensation Contact at your work site must report the injury/incident to the Company Nurse Injury Hotline as soon as possible. Contact the Company Nurse Injury Hotline at 1-888-770-0925.  The incident should be reported to the Company Nurse Injury Hotline within 24-hours (ACPS Policy) after the incident occurs, but no later than 30-days, according to Virginia Law.
  • The Company Nurse Injury Hotline is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year, and translators are available for more than 170 different languages.
  • Company Nurse will provide to you a Call Confirmation Number.  Be prepared to write down the Call Confirmation Number.
  • Consider viewing the Company Nurse Employee Training Video (available in English and Spanish) for more information about what to expect when you call Company Nurse.

Depending on the severity of the incident:

  • the call may only be a report of the incident 
  • the triage nurse may advise the employee to administer self-care 
  • the triage nurse may advise the employee to seek care at a participating urgent care provider 
  • the triage nurse may advise the work site to call 911
  • View the Employee EZ Reference Guide for a summary of this information.
  • A physician chosen from the Workers’ Compensation Panel of Physicians must be used if medical treatment is needed. However, the closest emergency facility may be used in an emergency situation.
  • Your supervisor or designated Workers’ Compensation contact at your work site will provide you a Panel of Physicians listing.
  • IMPORTANT: If your incident/injury involves exposure to blood and/or bodily fluids, the Company Nurse Injury Hotline must direct you to an infectious disease physician.
  • If emergency treatment was required, once emergency treatment is completed, you must choose a physician from the Workers’ Compensation  for follow-up care.
  • Please be sure to provide your designated Workers’ Compensation Contact with any medical documentation you have related to your visit with the physician.
  • If you receive a medication prescription related to your work injury after seeing a physician, take the Workers’ Compensation Temporary Prescription ID Card First Fill Form to a participating pharmacy.  The 2nd page of the Temporary Prescription ID Card First Fill Form lists the participating retail pharmacies.  You will not need the Temporary Prescription Card if you select Patient First from the Panel of Physicians.

If the employee sustains a compensable work injury, the workers’ compensation insurance carrier will only be responsible for bills from the following:

  • Panel Physicians
  • Authorized treating specialist
  • An emergency facility (in the event of a true emergency)

As Virginia Law requires (Section 65.2-603), the employee must choose a doctor from the Workers’ Compensation Panel of Physicians as the employee’s treating physician. If the employee does not receive treatment from a Panel Physician, Workers’ Compensation benefits may be denied and the employee’s medical bills will not be paid.

If an employee’s Workers’ Compensation medical claim or lost time claim is denied, the employee has the right to appeal the decision with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. Go to for more information.

ACPS Workers’ Compensation Benefits Department Contact:

The Company Nurse Injury Hotline:


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